Monday, January 23, 2012

Back into the blog world!

Okay took so much time off when I started law school and never really got into the blog world- but i think its time!!!! So let me start off telling everyone my nickname at school "pink"- because i always have something pink on- its a search on a daily bases for the guys to find all the pink- like a game before class lol.

today was so gross in Michigan so the only lilly I had at school was my planner, pens, pencils, and umbrella :)
My lilly bedroom

my lilly bed

lilly living room

lilly bathroom

Tailgating at the michigan game with my lilly koozie  :)

first law school mixer in peel and eat :)

thanksgiving with some classmates!

breast cancer walk with my lilly butterfly kisses murfee and lilly backpack

booty claw murfee and koozie

lilly makes homework better!!!!

ok thats todays post :)